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Who We Help at Trinity Therapy and Wellness

Who experience leakage while working out, laughing with friends, or jumping on the trampoline with their kids and would really like to stop wearing pads and always having to cross their legs for “impact”. Yes it’s common- but it CAN be fixed.


Busy Moms

Who want to get back to feeling like themselves but aren’t sure where to start or even how to find the time.


Who desire to feel pleasure instead of pain with sex and are tired of hearing “just breath/ just drink some wine and take a bath beforehand to relax” because we all know that doesn’t fix it. 

Older Women

Who are feeling the changes that they’ve heard come with age, whether it’s leakage, feeling a bulge, or weakness and desire to age gracefully with less dysfunction. 

2 Piece Moms

Who desire to work on their abs, closing their gap but aren’t sure how or hate the tummy shelf their c-section caused. 

Active Adults

Who want to age gracefully. Who want to keep playing their sport/doing their hobby and prevent injuries before they start.

The Frustrated Adult

Who is experiencing dizziness that is really interfering with their life and they want it to stop. 


Wondering if Physical Therapy is Right for You?

Ann R.

Emily is a caring, confident and cautious physical therapist. Asking lots of questions so that she has an understanding of the individual and their concerns / frustrations with an injury or post surgery rehabilitation. She suggested exercises and stretches that did improve my mobility, strengthened hip/leg muscles and reduced pain of walking. Just wish we were back living in the same area. I highly recommend Emily.

Laura S.

"Dr. Emily excels in her field. Without a doubt the best Physical Therapist I have ever gone to. I was in a bad car accident and have suffered with chronic back pain ever since. She worked with me to find a method of care and recovery that was suited to my specific needs. Best of all she comes to you. She is extremely knowledgeable but most importantly she made me feel valued, cared for and seen. She championed me in my progress and provided encouragement and information for me when I grew frustrated with my limitations. I have since gone to workshops she has hosted on women's health because I value her passion and commitment to her industry. 10/10 would recommend."

Sammy B.

Emily is a miracle worker! I practice Crossfit and dreaded every jumping jack, jump rope, or any jumping activity because of my “mom bladder”. And don’t get me started on sneezing. I had tried kegels but that didn’t cut it. I had the common misconception that a leaky bladder was just part of life after motherhood. WRONG! Physical Therapy can fix your mom bladder and Emily is THE person to call!
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