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Urinary Incontinence:

Why peeing your pants may be considered common but it doesn't have to be your NORM.

Will you leak after giving birth? DEPENDS! Get it? I love a good pun but not when it comes with a price of reality. The sad truth today is that I hear women laughing all the time about how they leak pee with everyday activities. Do many of us experience this?



So its COMMON but is it a normal thing for your body to have leakage? NO! It shouldn't be at least.

I've been there and I haven't even had kids. That's the other misconception. You don't have to have been pregnant or gone through a birth to experience leakage. So don't feel alone if this is you!

There are 2 types of diagnoses associated with urine leakage. Most often people experience BOTH. Type 1: You feel the need... the need to PEE, and then it just happens no matter what you do to try and stop it. Type 2: Like the song says "jump around..." but don't jump too hard or you might just pee. This is also you if you're leaking when you cough, laugh, squat, run, sneeze, etc.

SO, if you're ready to graduate to your big girl panties that don't include a liner or a full pad, come join me on this 3 day learning adventure and RESTORE your FLOOR to its natural NORMAL function.

This will include

🚺  3 days of learning about what incontinence is and what you can do about it. You'll be sent all 3 videos upon registering, so you can work through them when works for you!

🚺  Each session will include an ACTION step that you can start immediately to begin restoring your floor specifically to incontinence.

🚺  A 20 minute call with me centered around YOU and any questions you might have. 

TIME IS PRECIOUS. If you're like me I click on the screen to see how long someone's video is before I commit to watching it. Ain't no body got time to sit and attend a LONG meeting. I designed these classes to be short, sweet, and FULL of info.

SAFE SPACE. I hope to create a place where you feel comfortable learning about this issue knowing that you're not alone. Knowing that there's no shame or embarrassment if this is something you're experiencing. Remember its COMMON.

RESTORATION. So let's shift this accepted, desensitized view of our bladders and pelvic floor function back to reality. This isn't NORMAL. Let's RESTORE your FLOOR so you don't pee on accident ANYMORE.

Ready to Restore

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