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Restore Your Floor

"Restore"- To bring back.    "Floor"- The place your pee shouldn't be.

I was 17 and in the middle of a golf match when all of a sudden I HAD TO PEE, and I mean PEE- right then, right there, it had to happen immediately. So I tried to rush over to a bush, and as I walked across the green THERE IT HAPPENED. All down my khaki capris (they were our uniform so don't judge). You know what happens when liquid gets on khakis? THEY CHANGE COLOR. There's no hiding it. And believe me they were DRENCHED, like into my socks wet. I was mortified need to say the least. Worst part...this wasn't the last time this happened to me in public as a teenager either. 

Fast forward to grad school, I kept rushing out of lectures to make sure it didn't happen again in my late 20's. Then I found out one of my professors TREATED THIS. So I went to find out more, first hand, what this looked like. She gave me information, a few things to do at home, and after 2 visits and a lot of self-discipline I was able to manage my bladder better. 

This was my lightbulb moment. If just a couple sessions can drastically change my quality of life and limit my laundry load and embarrassment then I NEED to share this with other people.... Which lead to me treating the pelvic floor as a physical therapist. But sadly TOO OFTEN people marked "bowel and bladder issues" on their intake form and when asked about if they've received care for this I get...
"oh no its fine"
"yeah I had surgery but it didn't really do anything"
"sex has always hurt... I blame my husband".
and the worst ..."my doctor knows but said its what happens at my age"
or "this is my ticket into motherhood so I just blame my kids"  

When I ask the second question, "did you know physical therapy can treat this?" most say "no". 

I'm here to tell you.. WE CAN!!! We can effectively address not just the leakage issue but so much more. We can RESTORE the whole FLOOR. 

Is this you? Are you someone who is tired of settling for this sub-par situation DOWN THERE? 

Are you ready to GET CONTROL back?

To stop peeing your pants.

To enjoy sex without pain.

To not have that bulge in your belly.

To not have that bulge in your vagina.

It's time to put yourself FIRST for once...
So you can jump on the trampoline without needing to change afterwards.

So you can take road trips to see your grandkids without fear of peeing yourself on the drive.
So you can have sex with your significant other without just bearing through it but enjoy it.

So you can do your ab routine without feeling like things are coming out of your belly.  

So you can stand to cook Thanksgiving dinner without that burning sense of things falling out.

DON'T be LIKE ME... DON'T wait 10 years before you try to restore your floor. 
It doesn't just get better with time.

Kegels won't always help.

Drinking less water ISN'T the fix.

Avoiding those activities only makes you LIMIT YOURSELF and your QUALITY OF LIFE.

So let me lead you on this journey.

Let me help you like someone helped me. 

I've made it short and sweet because "ain't nobody got time" for long videos and workshops. 

I've designed 4 workshops, $25 each, that cover specific topics on the pelvic floor.

Each online workshop will include:

✔️3 recorded training sessions on a specific topic and it relates to the floor.

✔️Action steps you can take immediately to begin regaining control / restoring yourself.

✔️A 20 minute personal call with me to discuss YOU and your needs

Why peeing your pants is common but doesn't have to be your norm.
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Why "relaxing" during sex might not be the fix. You deserve better.


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Why abdominal separation occurs and what to do about it.


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Why surgery might not be necessary to fix the bulge in your vagina. 


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Purchase all 4 workshops and save

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