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Pelvic Pain/ Pain with sex: Why sex can be painful and what you can do to start enjoying it.

RELAX. That's what they told me when I shot the speculum back out during my pelvic exam... as tears were falling... they simply said "breathe and relax. You're fine".

I know this is a PRIVATE topic for some. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable right? You're supposed to be able to do it like they do on tv/movies right? Where they decide its time and it just goes smoothly and seems enjoyable?

WHY then do YOU have to slow down, take deep breaths, try to relax so any penetration either at the beginning or deep isn't so uncomfortable? Did you do something wrong? NO. Is there something going on that can likely be helped? YES.

There can be a LOT of attributing factors to why you're experiencing this pain.

SO if inserting tampons, pelvic exams, or any kind of penetration is uncomfortable JOIN me on a 3 day journey to learning more about why this might be happening and WHAT you CAN DO to RESTORE that FLOOR to have less pain.

This will include

🚺  3 days of learning about what might be causing your pain and what you can do about it. You'll be sent all 3 videos upon registering, so you can work through them when works for you!

🚺  Each session will include an ACTION step that you can start immediately to begin restoring your floor specifically to pelvic pain/pain with sex.

🚺  A 20 minute call with me centered around YOU and any questions you might have. 

TIME IS PRECIOUS. If you're like me I click on the screen to see how long someone's video is before I commit to watching it. Ain't no body got time to sit and attend a LONG meeting. I designed these classes to be short, sweet, and FULL of info.

RESTORATION. Let's RESTORE your FLOOR so you don't have pain with sex/insertion ANYMORE.

Ready to Restore

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