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Pelvic Organ Prolapse: What is that bulge down there and why surgery might not be necessary to fix it.

You're going about your day, no big deal, until all of a sudden the burning or pressure gets worse and it literally feels like something is falling out of your vagina. I said it. That word. VAGINA.

What you might be experiencing is something called pelvic organ prolapse. If you went to your physician they might have said SURGERY is needed to correct this. While this is sometimes the case its NOT always NECESSARY, and a non invasive option such as pelvic physical therapy can help you manage these symptoms instead! We can do this by RESTORING your pelvic FLOOR!

Even if you don't feel a bulge but sometimes you feel heaviness in your groin, AND if you're constipated often THIS IS FOR YOU. You might have a low grade prolapse just from pushing. I do!

If you've already had surgery chances are pelvic floor PT will still be beneficial to make sure your surgical procedure stays successful in not letting the FLOOR drop anymore.

SO, come join me on a 3 day journey as we discuss what a prolapse is, and what you can do about it to avoid surgery NOW or in the FUTURE.

This will include

🚺  3 days of learning about what prolapse is and what you can do about it. You'll be sent all 3 videos upon registering, so you can work through them when works for you!

🚺  Each session will include an ACTION step that you can start immediately to begin restoring your floor specifically to pelvic organ prolapse.

🚺  A 20 minute call with me centered around YOU and any questions you might have. 

TIME IS PRECIOUS. If you're like me I click on the screen to see how long someone's video is before I commit to watching it. Ain't no body got time to sit and attend a LONG meeting. I designed these classes to be short, sweet, and FULL of info.

RESTORATION. Let's RESTORE your FLOOR so you don't have that bulge down there ANYMORE.

Ready to Restore

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