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Do I need a referral from my physician?

No! The state of North Carolina is considered a direct access state meaning you do not need a referral to be seen by a physical therapist. Some restrictions may apply. Feel free to call us to discuss further!

Where are you located?

Trinity T&W comes to you! We bring a table, tools, and caring hands straight to you at your home or office! You'll likely need a space in your home/office for a 6ft treatment table to be set up. Please let us know if you're limited on space or have significant amount of stairs to enter.

What should I expect at my first visit?


Expect a 60-90 minute session designed to listen to you! The first visit is about gathering information, taking you through a series of assessments looking at your entire body and then a closer look at your specific problem area. Then together we will come up with a plan focused around your personal goals.

***please remember we want this to be focused on you so we ask that furry friends be in their own space during your session. 

What should I wear?


Comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.

Do you accept my insurance?


Trinity T&W does not contract with insurance companies in order to provide optimal care to our clients without dispute from third party payers. 

How can I get reimbursed?

You may submit for reimbursement through your out of network (OON) benefits. We will provide you with all documentation required by your insurance. It is advised that you contact your insurance provider asking questions such as:
-Do I have out-of-network benefits? If so, what is my deductible for these and how much have I met thus far?

-Can you please provide me with the paperwork required to submit for OON claims?

-Do you require pre-authorization prior to PT treatments in order to receive reimbursement? 

Other questions? Want to discuss your specific concerns?

Feel free to call us, email, use the chat button, or use the contact form!

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