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Diastasis Recti:
Why abdominal separation occurs and what you can do about it.

WHAT is THAT?!?! "There's this space in my belly that wasn't there". Did you know that the separation of your abdominal muscles, otherwise known as a Diastasis Recti is COMMON in women who have been pregnant. I've also seen it a lot in older men with the "beer gut" syndrome.

So you have it and you've been doing sit ups, leg lowers, planks, EVERYTHING to get your core back and its still there. What's next?

Just like an iceberg sometimes the biggest part is BELOW the surface. There are many factors in RESTORING this part of your core. Did you know it can be related to your pelvic FLOOR?

Did you know you can STILL do something about it no matter how LONG ago it showed up?

SO, if you're ready to learn how to address this area effectively join me on this 3 day journey to RESTORING your CORE.

This will include

🚺  3 days of learning about what diastasis recti is and what you can do about it. You'll be sent all 3 videos upon registering, so you can work through them when works for you!

🚺  Each session will include an ACTION step that you can start immediately to begin restoring your floor specifically to diastasis recti.

🚺  A 20 minute call with me centered around YOU and any questions you might have. 

TIME IS PRECIOUS. If you're like me I click on the screen to see how long someone's video is before I commit to watching it. Ain't no body got time to sit and attend a LONG meeting. I designed these classes to be short, sweet, and FULL of info.

RESTORATION. Let's RESTORE your FLOOR so you don't get that bulge ANYMORE.

Ready to Restore

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