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Our Philosophy


Trinity Therapy and Wellness was established with the mission to offer a unique experience to clients not found in the traditional healthcare model. Dr. Emily’s goal is to bring care to  the Charlotte area that is based on biblical principles of compassion, integrity and a heart to serve. 

Dr. Emily provides out of network fee for service physical therapy to patients in the comfort of their own home. She focuses on prevention, rehabilitation and maintenance programs. 

With Trinity T&W patients will get the following:

  • one on one care for 60 mins

  • a plan of care that is personalized to their specific needs and goals

  • treatment that is focused on addressing the WHY behind their dysfunction through a whole body assessment

  • correspondence with their personal PT, Emily, outside of visit times

  • the ability to be unrestricted by insurance guidelines in regards to their treatment and care.


"Physical therapy services that focus on you"

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